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This proprietary and unique Usability R&D process developed by Movement over the last 10 years delivers truly actionable design inputs which meet actual and paramount User Needs. This process is ‘granular’ in its detail and is a precisely considered and valuable research tool to ensure your medical device is fit for purpose and market appropriate. The Usenetics™ process broadly consists of five elements, Hospital/Lab Ethnography, Data Analysis, Procedure Mapping, User Needs Definition & Design Inputs.

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Hospital/Lab Ethnography


For existing medical devices/systems, which are on the market, Movement have developed data capture methods that are non-intrusive and also protect patient PHI. Our research personnel are trained and also credentialed with agencies such as Reptrax & Vendormate in the US.
For Preclinical prototype medical devices/systems Movement can utilize your recorded formative test data such as video, audio, interviews, questionnaires and any supporting documentation and also pass that data through the Usenetics™ process.

Ethnography - Usenetics™
Metrics - Usenetics™




Usenetics™ is a metric based process that is governed by the all-encompassing needs of the user. The focus metrics are critical and are extensively discussed and agreed with the customer beforehand. Each research undertaking is bespoke (clinical & preclinical) but follows precise Usenetics™ guidelines.


Data Analysis


The analysis of the data is crucial. The interpretative lens is also uniquely ‘tinted’ by the metrics in the Usenetics™ process. Movement’s analysis process is as granular as the customer/project requires. It can also be applied in a ‘Lite’ version to suit tight budgets, timelines and retrospective applications, which are normally required in a hurry.

Data Analysis - Usenetics™
Procedure Mapping - Usenetics™


Procedure Mapping


Movement have developed a series of proprietary infographics that display all relevant and complex metric-based data in a manner which is interactive and intuitive. This mapping output is crucial to understanding where actual User Needs are arising from. This is particularly beneficial early in your formative prototype development stages.


User Needs
/ Design Inputs


Resultant User Needs & their respective Design Inputs will govern the R&D teams’ efforts and deliver an appropriate solution which is market acceptable and ultimately successful. Email us at info@movement.ie to organize an online meeting to discover how Usenetics™ can fit into your R&D process.

User Needs / Design Inputs - Usenetics™

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