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Usability Product Design


Movement’s Usability Design service is not a superficial product design undertaking. Functionality and ease of use characteristics are holistically considered with form and aesthetics. The primary result is an intuitive solution which is also beautiful to interact with.

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Usability product design

Concept Generation


Movement’s Usability Engineering File (UEF) forms the basis for the Design Inputs even at this early stage.

This is the creative first step in realising just what a product concept is going to look like, the form it is going to take, the shape, size and position of controls and actuators. All reasoned out based on our UEF.

Concept Generation - Medical Device Design
3D CAD Concept Modelling - Medical Device Design

Usability product design

3D CAD Concept Modelling


Once our Industrial Designers have finalised the concept in sketch form they will build an accurate 3D CAD model. This enables the internal mechanism/electronics concept to be accommodated and therefore initially validated within the space envelope. These 3D CAD models are then visualised to a high end photo-realistic image.

Usability product design

Usability Assessment Model (UAM)


Movement generate 3D sketch models that are sculpted by our designers to emulate their creative sketches. This is a crucial skill in the accurate capture and refinement of device/tool forms that are to be used by the human body. Then an accurate UAM will be produced from the 3D CAD data, physically and accurately representing the concept form.

Usability Assessment Model - Medical Device Design
Concept Refinement - Medical Device Design

usability product design

Concept Refinement


Refinement is always required based on new Usability Design Inputs, newly identified issues and clinical feedback. Movement’s next step is to take onboard the new inputs and feedback and refine the chosen concept direction. This is presented back to the same level of detail and it is this realisation that is progressed for further development

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